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My 2015 “Wanna Do” list

I think I have my own little biking bucket list.

My boyfriend Mike and I have fun checking out new places and new things to do together.  Often I’ll say to him, “Wanna go with me to XYZ?” and he’ll reply, “Wanna!”  Like everyone else in Ohio, we’ve been waiting (not so patiently!) for spring to get sprung so we can go run around and have some fun.

Here’s my “wanna do” bucket list for the outdoor months ahead. (Actually, make that two bucket lists – one bike related, one not.)

“Wanna Do” Biking Bucket List

Other Stuff I “Wanna Do” This Year

  • Visit one or more of the Ohio castles
  • See one or more of the Ohio waterfalls
  • Check out an Ohio fossil park in either Sylvania or Sharonville
  • Go canoeing
  • Rent a pontoon boat at Alum Creek State Park and camp out overnight on the boat
  • A day trip to Ohio Amish country
  • Lake Erie fishing trip
  • Local fishing
  • Leaf peeping this fall in the Smoky Mountains
  • Visit Brown County, Indiana
  • Oh, and last but not least… buy a house.  Yup.  Before the end of this year I’d like to be settled in my own little house.

Here’s hoping for good weather, low humidity, and a great year!

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