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Killer Griller

Mike and I have started calling ourselves, “The Dynamic Duo of Dinner.”  Mike is a total bad-ass with a gas grill, and we’ve been having a good time cooking together.  Our latest favorite is these grilled veggies.

The first night we made them, it was a delicious mix of green pepper, onion, and zucchini.  I chopped everything into large pieces (the zukes were probably ¾”-1” chunks, and everything else was similarly chunky), then placed them in one of those disposable foil pans, 13×9.  The rest is equally simple: drizzle with olive oil, then sprinkle generously with Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning, and toss everything together with your hands.  Put the pan on the grill and cook the vegetables right along with your meat, stirring occasionally to prevent things from sticking or getting charred.  When they’re done, we slipped a cookie sheet under the pan to move them into the kitchen without burning our fingers (the disposable pan was not only hot, but flimsy – I didn’t trust it with hot food inside).  These were AMAZING!  So good, in fact, that we made them again the next night with a different mix of veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, green pepper, onion, and I forget what else).  Both of us said the veggies were the best thing on our plate, and when we make them in the future we’ll serve them over rice and skip the meat.  Delicious!

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