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Smashbox Double Exposure video

Thumbs up to Smashbox!  They created an interactive video marketing campaign to get their fans involved in promoting their new Smashbox Double Exposure 2 palette.  The campaign allowed users to create an altered “double exposure” image of themselves simply by uploading a photo.  Then the photo submissions were used to make a video which was projected above the city streets in LA.

I got an email from Smashbox today with links to the new Double Exposure video and telling me at what point in the video my own photo appears. (I’m at 13:26. I’ve taken down the link to the video as it’s no longer available on the Smashbox web site.)

The landing page for the video shows pictures and of course more promotion for the palette.  I love Smashbox shadows – their Master Class 2 palette is my go-to favorite.

My well-loved Smashbox Double Exposure palette, Master Class 2.

My well-loved Master Class 2 palette from Smashbox.

I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to this new product release without the interactive video campaign.  Being part of the video doesn’t want to make me buy the new Double Exposure palette, but it certainly made me pay much more attention to their new release and consider it in more detail.  That’s really smart marketing.  And, it looks beautiful.


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