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Home Sweet Home

A new home to call my own

Here’s something new – I’m buying a condo! Or at least, it looks that way.  These things are never final until the ink is dry. But, I’m in contract, and I couldn’t be happier.  If all goes well, this will be my new home:



I’m tickled pink.  And, in fact, so’s the condo – it has walls inside of every color of the rainbow, including approximately four shades of pink.  There is painting in my future, friends!  And other types of elbow grease as well.  But other than some cosmetic work, the bones of this condo are very good, and I think it’ll be a wonderful home.

The last year has been such a time of transition. Since the divorce I’ve been renting a townhouse, and it was a great place to land during an uncertain time.  I have enjoyed living in this townhouse, but I’m 44 years old and eager to have a place to call my own again.  My mental “to do” list feels a bit shorter now. I’m ready to put down new roots and settle in to my own place.  It’s time.

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