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Back from vacation!

Crickets have been chirping around here because I was away on a much-needed vacation. Mike and I went east to Philly, Baltimore, and DC. What a great week!  Of all the things we did, what I enjoyed most was our visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  It’s just awe-inspiring to stand in the room where our nation was dreamed up, discussed, debated, and ultimately declared to be.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

This trip was the best vacation I’ve had in years.  Mike and I have the same interests and operate on the same “pace” – meaning, we seem to like the same balance of being busy and being lazy.  On vacation this was beneficial because neither of us was trying to cram too much into a day, and yet we managed to see and do plenty of fun and interesting things during our trip. We made some great memories.

Our selfie at the White House.

Our attempt at a selfie at the White House.

I made a couple of interesting, totally random observations during this trip. First, biking and walking apparently use totally different muscles.  Our first night in DC, we walked over 3 miles, from the Washington Monument, to the White House, and then to the Capitol.  Despite the fact that I regularly bike 20-30 miles at a time, a 3-mile walk made my leg muscles tired and sore the next day. My legs are designed for riding.

Staying in a Residence Inn was a great choice for us because they have a fully stocked mini kitchen, not just a mini fridge. We’re both coffee lovers, and it was great to wake up to a full-size pot of coffee with milk in the fridge.  One rainy day during our trip we visited the Smithsonian’s American History museum.  Apparently our trip coincided with that week in the springtime when every junior high school in the US sends all their kids on a trip to DC, and unfortunately the museum visitors that day consisted of me, Mike, and thousands of rowdy 12-year-olds purposefully squeaking their wet sneakers on the marble floors.  After two hours in the museum being bumped into and nearly tripped by throngs of kids, we wanted out! We made dinner in our room that night – spaghetti with Italian sausage – and enjoyed a full evening of peace and quiet.  It was a nice, quiet break in the middle of our trip, and the homemade dinner tasted so good after days of restaurant food. We’ll definitely do that again.

Bikes on display at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History!

Bikes on display at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History!

DC is a great place to visit, and it’s especially great if you’re on a budget.  There’s so much to see, do, learn, and experience there, and much of it is free since it belongs to all of us as American citizens.  This trip made me look forward to more adventures and trips with Mike and made me realize how broad my horizons have become during the past year.  I came back from this trip with fresh perspectives and some refreshing new thoughts in my noggin.  If you have any suggestions for great vacation destinations, I would surely love to hear about them!


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