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The beauty of two miles

Why so many excuses when it's so rewarding, and so enjoyable?

Why so many excuses when it’s so rewarding, and so enjoyable?

When I started riding, I considered a 2-3 mile ride to be long distance.  I was riding a men’s mountain bike at the time, and it had big knobby tires and a heavy frame. It didn’t exactly glide.  Plus, I was super out of shape (not that I’m a picture of fitness nowadays, mind you), and 2-3 miles felt like an effort.  The first time I rode 5 miles, I felt like a rock star.

That’s why this illustration by Bikeyface really touches me.  It doesn’t matter what type of bike you have, how out of shape you are, how much time you have, or if you know other people who bike – almost anyone, anywhere, can get on a bike and ride 2 miles.  And if you do that a few times, you can go a little longer.  And it might become a habit.  It might even become a love.

Often, in the evenings, around 9 p.m., I’ll hop on my bike, turn on the lights, and ride about 2-3 miles on the bike trails near my house.  It’s my favorite time of day to ride. The world is quiet, the stars are out, and I am alone with my thoughts and a cool breeze in my face. So much can happen during just a 2-mile ride.  It only takes 2-3 miles on a bicycle to make me feel wonderful – to remind me that I’m healthy, blessed, and free.


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