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Biking Bucket List update

Early in the season I made a list of various trails and bike events I wanted to do in 2015.  I missed one event already: the Mid Ohio Century on April 26.  I didn’t have anyone to ride with that day, so that was a bummer, but it turned out to be okay since it was cold and rainy anyway.  But, I’ve done two of the rides on the list so far – the Tour de H2O and Hot Tamale Bicycle Tour, and a trip to Kokosing Gap is planned for next weekend.

My legs still aren’t as strong this year as they were at the end of last season – it was a huge mistake for me to take the winter off. I should have soldiered on and stayed on my indoor trainer despite the unrelenting boredom. But nevertheless, I’m enjoying my bike as much this year as I did last.  The more I ride, the more I am coming to accept myself as a 20- to 30-miler; I don’t ever think I will ride centuries. (Those are the 100-mile rides that Lycra-wearing cyclists live for.)  There’s a Facebook page called The Slow Bicycle Movement that really appeals to me – it’s all about biking for fun, for transportation, for leisure, not for achievement or speed.  And I’m not the only one drawn to “slow biking” – this seems to be the segment of the biking world that’s growing by leaps and bounds.  I read an interesting article earlier this week about trends in bike sales, and it’s not the $10,000 road bikes that are flying out of the bike shop showrooms; it’s the $500 upright, comfortable slow-riders that are selling like hotcakes. Like the Electra Townie – and like my own Trek Verve 2.

One of my girlfriends has started to take up biking since her divorce, and it’s so much fun to see her catching that spirit!  Over the last year, a few good friends have really encouraged my biking habit and shared great information and training with me, and it’s rewarding to be able to pass that knowledge along to someone else now as well.

When was the last time you rode a bicycle?

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