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Home Sweet Home

A week from heaven (and hell)

So, it’s Tuesday evening.  Let me tell you about what the last week has held.

For starters, last Thursday morning, I closed on the condo!  It’s all mine, and that feeling of being a homeowner and putting down roots after a year in a rental home is – well, heavenly.  I feel very grateful to be in the position to buy a home at all, let alone one that’s so cute and adorable and totally, wonderfully mine.

Closing itself was smooth, and there was a super-supportive team of professionals there – my realtor, the listing agent, the title agency guy (who was wonderful and gave me lots of great advice), and my lender, who was a real gem and helped me through the process of getting financing and made the whole thing effortless for me. The sellers weren’t there – they had moved out of state a few weeks ago and pre-signed all their paperwork. But I wanted closing done with quickly and easily, because I had work to do!  I went to closing last Thursday with painting supplies and tools in my car.  This house of mine is adorable, but it needs some cosmetic TLC, and I had a little wish list of things to do before moving in (which is coming up this weekend).

My top priority was to paint. A lot.  As I mentioned before, every room in the house was a different color, some of them two colors, and it was a crazy mix!  Before moving in the heavy stuff – like the washer/dryer, the bed, the sofa, and my china cupboard – I wanted to have at least those walls painted.  Painting party!  Four of my wonderful, generous, and loving friends joined me for two days of painting, and voila!  We got ‘er done.

The living room, pre-paint.

The living room, pre-paint.

The very same living room after primer, two coats of paint, and lots of elbow grease!

The very same living room, looking bright and gorgeous after primer, two coats of paint, and lots of elbow grease!

Here’s my message to you (and to the future painter in me) about buying paint… Please learn from my mistakes and DON’T GO CHEAP!  I bought what Menard’s told me was one step down from the best paint they sell and what the pros buy.  Bull!  It didn’t cover.  The bedroom, for example, was a light sage green color.  It took a coat of primer and two coats of paint to cover one light color over another.  As soon as that realization occurred, I scooted my buns over to Ace Hardware and re-purchased new paint.  When friends are giving you their precious weekend time, you don’t waste their time with poor materials that will make them work more.  So this paint from Clark & Kensington is what I purchased from Ace – and this stuff, my friends, is terrific.  (No, I’m not getting paid for saying that!):

Clark and Kensington interior flat enamel from ACE Hardware. Great paint, great coverage!

Clark and Kensington interior flat enamel from ACE Hardware. Great paint, great coverage!

When I compare this stuff to Manor Hall by Pittsburgh or any of the other high-end interior flat paints I’ve used in the past, this is less expensive and just as good.  Highly recommend!  Once the paint started covering better and we could see the great results of our labor, our little team’s morale was boosted and all was well!  Heavenly!

And then…

Oh, hell. What was happening? Throughout the day my nose started getting congested and I started feeling a little dizzy.  My ear felt a little clogged, and my voice got raspy.  Soon I was blowing my nose every 15 minutes and by the end of the day I felt flat-out bad.  Because I was sick. Nasty, awful, super sick.

Sunday morning I tried to ignore it, and with so much to do, I tried to motor through the ickiness.  But every time I would try to do something – like screwing a little switch plate on a light switch – I’d get blotchy and feverish.  My left ear and throat were killing me, and it was really painful to swallow. Plus, it was getting hard to ignore the fact that I didn’t have a voice.  I was whispering.  So, at lunchtime on Sunday, off I went to the urgent care.  Laryngitis, ear infection.  Sick.

Monday I felt even worse and followed up with my family doctor, who said my eardrum was on the verge of bursting and that since it was a viral infection, antibiotics would be of no use. There was only one way out of this if I didn’t want my eardrum to burst – absolute rest, lots of fluid, and no talking or whispering whatsoever.  Plus, she started me on steroids to help reduce the inflammation in my ear and throat and try to prevent my eardrum from bursting.  (By the way, for a chatterbox like me, being told not to talk or event whisper is hellishly hard.)

So I’ve been in bed for the past few days, doing nothing but reading and sleeping and waiting for my body to kick this virus’ butt.  It’s great to settle in with a good book, but frankly, I’m moving this Saturday!  And there’s so much to do! But here’s the deal – it’s all in God’s hands.  There’s nothing I can do but go with the flow, so why stress over this and act like I can control it?  I cried uncle.  I rested utterly and completely.  And somehow, by Saturday, I will be ready to move.  And spending the night in my own home on Saturday night – well that, my friends, will be truly heavenly.

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