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Cactus and succulent terrarium

Mike and I made this cute little cactus terrarium recently, and I just love the way it turned out.  The whole project took about half an hour, and it only has to be watered once a month! Easy peasy.  We followed the instructions from Gardenista to a “T.”  If you decide to make one, here are a few things we learned that might help:

Homegoods has a great selection of glass vessels at good prices. Ours was $12.99.  (We probably could have turned one up at Goodwill for less, but perhaps with more searching.)

We couldn’t find the charcoal at Home Depot, and then someone suggested looking at a pharmacy but they didn’t have it either. We ended up finding it at a local nursery.  The key is that you need a product called horticultural charcoal – it’s different than what you barbecue with (which is that the nice ladies in the garden department told us to use!).  The cactus potting soil can be tough to find as well.  If you don’t want to drive around looking, here are a few cheap products on Amazon that will work, and they’re smallish quantities which is what you need for this project.

The tiny cacti and succulents can be found at Home Depot for $2.48 each.  We found them at a rack near the registers, not in the garden department. When you plant them, wear gardening gloves!  Don’t let their tiny size fool you – they’re still cacti, and they still prick your fingers!  Gloves will help.

And finally, the instructions recommend watering them with a teaspoon.  We found that a little spray bottle gets the water just where you want it at the base of the plants. Spray gently so you don’t accidentally spray loose soil up onto the inside of the glass vessel.

Happy planting!

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