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Home Sweet Home

My makeovers are wrecking my manicures

I’ve been less than attentive to my blog for the past month.  Let’s recap the occurrences of this last month, shall we?  July 2, I bought a house. (Well, a condo, if you’re a stickler about these things.)  July 3 the DIY projects began.  July 4 – more DIY, plus a bad case of the African death flu or some other horrible virus that laid me flat and caused me to miss FIVE consecutive days of work.  Too sick to move from my rental to the house, I had to postpone the move from July 11 to July 18.  (And just to add one more wrench into those already complicated works, on July 17, the night before I finally did move, my car died.)  For a while there, my life seemed like a bad country song.  But fast forward two weeks later, and I am now slowly but surely settling into the new place.  And since the first night I slept here, it feels like home.

Lately though, the only makeovers I’m involved with are of the household variety.  This weekend Mike and I tackled installing a new microwave oven over the stove, and that’s just one of the transformations in progress at my place.  For example, we’re transforming stacks of loaded cardboard boxes into stacks of unpacked, flattened cardboard boxes.

The old black microwave didn't match and stuck out like a sore thumb. It's little things like this that drive me bananas.

BEFORE:  The old black microwave didn’t match and stuck out like a sore thumb. It’s little things like this that drive me bananas.  PS – I took this pic during one of the walk-throughs before buying the house. Not my mess.

It took us two days to figure it out and get it right, but we replaced the old black eyesore with this white microwave and I'm infinitely happier.

It took us two days to figure it out and get it right, but we replaced the old black eyesore with this white microwave and I’m infinitely happier.  Next to get rid of the green paint.

And this week, we’re going to replace the seal on the door of the fridge.  The current seal is really weak.  At times, when the refrigerator is closed, you can see light escaping from inside – the seal is weak enough that the fridge thinks the door is open.  Here’s something I learned this weekend from Dr. Google… If you want to test the strength of your refrigerator door seal, take a dollar bill and put it halfway in and halfway out of the closed door.  Then pull on the bill and see if there is some resistance against removing it. If there’s little to no resistance, your door seal is shot.

So there are many makeovers going on at my place right now – none involving makeup. But, one did involve makeup applicators!  The edge of the laminate on my kitchen counter was loose, and when I would walk by in a hurry, it would catch on my clothing and pull away from the counter.  I don’t care for the current counters, and I’d like to redo them when money permits. But I also don’t want them to get damaged, because the only thing uglier than these counters would be these counters with damaged areas and missing spots.  So I needed to fix them up, and when I couldn’t find my man-style caulk gun, I pulled a Ms. McGyver…  I pulled the nipple off a can of Liquid Nails, poked a hole with a barbecue skewer, and used makeup applicators to spread the adhesive between the countertop and the edging. Fixed!  Makeup tools to the rescue!  (Gentlemen, this is how chicks do DIY.)

Who needs a caulk gun when you have makeup applicators to apply your Liquid Nails?

Who needs a caulk gun when you have makeup applicators to apply your Liquid Nails?

Anyway, my fingernails have really taken it on the chin from all of the DIY involved with fixing up a fixer upper.

It’s been over a year now since I sold my last house, and as you may know (have I mentioned this before?), I spent that year in a rented townhouse. It was a great place to land, but it always felt temporary.  I always intended to buy a home of my own.  I guess I never realized that during the stay in the townhouse, I never really felt totally at home.  I felt happy, and I felt settled, but I never felt at home.  I didn’t realize it at the time – only in retrospect, now that I have this relaxed, comfortable, deeply satisfying sense of permanence about the new house, do I realize that the past year felt like an extended camping trip of sorts.  The house is mine, warts and all, and I expect to live here for years.  When I put things in their place, it feels like it’s for good.  That’s a wonderful feeling.

My nails can wait.  Lately, my home is literally where my heart is.


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