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Self care

This summer’s been exciting and fun, but also stressful.  Even wonderful milestones like buying a house can be stressors, and I have to admit that I’ve not done a good job of taking care of myself this year.  Two close friends have said to me in casual conversation recently, “It’s so important to take good care of yourself.”  How right they are!  And because I haven’t been doing so, their comments really felt more like good advice than small talk.

Eventually the moving boxes will all get sorted through, the walls painted, and the projects completed.  But I can’t wait for all of that to get done before I start putting self-care at the top of my project list.  I need to start taking better care of me now. I used to do a better job of this through frequent meditation, Reiki (after two attunements, I can perform Reiki and don’t need to pay for treatment), and rest, as well as nourishing pastimes like walking the dogs at the park, riding my bike (leisurely, and not for distance goals), or reading a book.  At one time, I kept a written list like this one of all the ways I could care for myself during spare moments and times of boredom.  But this year has been about doing, not being.  I’m reminding myself today to recharge my batteries, to put myself first – to take time to just be.

Go for long walks,

indulge in hot baths,

question your assumptions,

be kind to yourself,

live for the moment,

loosen up,


curse the world,

count your blessings,

just let go,

just be.

– Carol Shields

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