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Home Sweet Home

Saying goodbye to the Pepto-vinyl bedroom

It’s been 3 months now since I moved into my new home, and the list of projects I wanted to tackle is slowly but surely getting done.  I’ve been keeping a little list in Evernote of work that’s getting accomplished – I love watching things get moved from the “to do” list to “done.”  Here’s what’s on the “done” list now:

  • Replaced a window in the living room that had a broken seal
  • Paint dining room (from lavender to off white)
  • Paint living room (from a deep hunter green to off white)
  • Paint kitchen (deep hunter green to off white)
  • Paint master bedroom (pretty but grungy sage green walls to off white)
  • Paint laundry room (grungy white walls to off white)
  • Paint hallway (filthy murky blue walls to off white)
  • Paint guest room (two-toned Pepto Bismol pink walls with rose stencil, now off white)
  • Garbage disposal installed
  • Ceiling fan replaced in bedroom (the former fan was functional but hideous – for the sake of my sanity, it had to go!)
  • Light kit installed on living room fan
  • Carpet guest room (there were squares of brick-patterned vinyl in this bedroom – why??)
  • Repair hall toilet which leaked
  • Chandelier replaced in dining room (a cheap fix to replace the 1980s chandelier)
  • Fridge door seal replaced
  • Master closet shelving installed
  • Replace microwave (from black with a broken handle to white)
  • Carpet stairs (from DIRTY raspberry-colored carpet to beige)
  • Kitchen cabinet hardware replaced

So as you can see it’s mainly cosmetic work.  This place was Crayola House when I moved in, and brightening everything up with a clean, off white coat of paint has made all the difference in how it feels to live here.  The worst room by far was the guest room.  Here’s the before:

Yes, that's not just one but TWO shades of Pepto pink on the walls, a rose stencil, and squares of a brick-patterned vinyl flooring. In a bedroom.

Yes, that’s not just one but TWO shades of Pepto pink on the walls, a rose stencil, and squares of a brick-patterned vinyl flooring. In a bedroom.

And, here’s the after:

Ahhhhh. After!

Ahhhhh. After!

This was by far the worst room in the house and the one I was most looking forward to painting.  But because it is a guest bedroom and nobody ever comes to stay, it was last on my to-do list (or near last – I still have bathrooms to paint but wanted the main living spaces done before this guest room).  So in my mind, getting around to painting this bedroom would mean I was over the hump in terms of the high priority projects – and as of yesterday when the carpet was laid, I am now over that hump!

As I said, I still have to paint the bathrooms and the rec room downstairs, and there will always be other little projects. Plus, there are a few “someday” projects – like replacing the kitchen counters and backsplash, and painting all of the trim a nice, bright white.  But none of that’s urgent, and I plan to be here for years.  The death of the Pepto bedroom signals to me that the most pressing projects are done and life can begin to return to normal.

Home, sweet home!

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