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Home Sweet Home

A little less before, a little more after

Yet another project is accomplished at my new home.  The previously blue bathroom is newly painted.  It was a pretty blue, actually – reminded me of the colors of the chicory flowers that bloom along the side of the road in July, usually running parallel to the edge of a cornfield in the scrabble-stones along the edge of the asphalt.  But the blue didn’t match anything I own, and it looked a little shabby somehow under bright light, so it needed to go.  It was someone else’s blue.

The newly decorated bathroom feels like it belongs in my space.  It has some vintage things, a dog motif, a strong red, and stark contrast in the colors.  It feels like me.  With each project that gets checked off the list, the house feels a little less before and a little more after.

I’ve been here for just over four months now.  It has felt like home since the first day, but as time’s passing and the house is changing to suit my tastes, I’m finding a deepening sense of “aaah” here.  It’s so satisfying to know that I am really and truly at home in a place – for good.  And it fits me perfectly.  It’s convenient, and well located, and since it’s a condo there is no more outdoor work than I want to do.  I can plant flowers in the beds if I want to, and if I don’t do it, someone else will.  The house is full of my eclectically vintage mashup of belongings.  And when I paint the walls, I know I will enjoy the changes for many years to come.  It’s all mine.

There is just a bit more painting to do.  The master bath is still the super dark green that dominated the walls when I moved in, and then sometime I’ll paint the rec room downstairs.

Not only in the house but in life in general, life is changing.  Since the divorce, since I started to date again, since taking up biking and making a new world for myself – in all things lately, life is starting to feel a little less before and a little more after.

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