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First Christmas in my new home

My new home is decorated for Christmas, and I wanted to share a few photos with you.  The living room mantle is my favorite spot because it includes two of my best snowmen including one (on the left) which was made by my Aunt Connie.


The living room:


It was fun to decorate this year since it meant figuring out where everything fits in the new place. (I’ve always wanted a tree in the front window!)  My Tallie thought the decorating was a little overwhelming and sought refuge under the curtains:


Always good to have a quiet spot to get away, isn’t it?  Here’s the dining room, looking festive I think:


I love the collection of things in the china cupboard this year.  Several family pieces here from my mom, aunt, grandmom, and great-grandmom:


Once the house was fully decorated, I invited some dear friends for dinner. They helped me paint this summer before the furniture was moved in, and this was my way of thanking them for generously helping me get settled in.  The menu was pasta al forno, a fresh romaine salad with creamy vinaigrette, and egg custard pie for dessert.


After being in a rented townhouse last year, it’s nice to be home for the holidays.  Merry Christmas!

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