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Obsessed with Ombre Nails

I’ve always been fairly traditional with my nails – no blue/green polishes, all nails the same color, and no fancy nail art designs.  I always love nail art on other people, but on me? Not so much.  That all seems to be changing lately, as I’m finding myself drawn to more interesting designs and bolder colors.  And this OPI ombre nail look, Cherry Bomb Ombre, has pushed me right off the boring nails bandwagon.

Is that good lookin’, or what?

The tutorial makes it look pretty simple, and I suppose it is, though I didn’t have great luck with it on my first try.  This ombre nail tutorial on YouTube made things easier.  You apply all the nail polish on the same sponge, then roll it across your nail, similar to using a rubber stamp, and finish by cleaning up the cuticles.  I gave it a shot last night as an accent nail, and it was pretty easy.  If you give it a try, let me know how it goes!

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