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Home Sweet Home

Patio Project

Ok, so, after a long dry spell, let’s try to get back to normal life here, shall we?

It’s finally springtime in Ohio!  And my new place has a patio, which until recently looked like this.

A few of my patio, from standing inside the living room.

A few of my patio, from standing inside the living room.

When I moved in last summer, working on this patio was the least of my worries.  (Remember there was a crazy long list of indoor projects that needed to be tackled!)  So I used it a couple of times last year and figured I’d get around to it someday.

Well when we were blessed with a warm spring day a few weeks ago, I got the itch to do something pronto and make this patio more usable.

The first thing I had to do was get rid of the old.  The Adirondack chairs you see out there were a gift from my aunt and uncle, and I had used them for years until they rotted. Those had to go – and since they were too heavy for me to lift, I unscrewed each of them into three pieces and hauled them to the dumpster on my little red wagon. The fire pit, rusty tables, and old whiskey barrel had to go, too (much to the dismay of the colony of earthworms who were living underneath.)  Did you know that when you list free stuff on one of those Facebook selling walls that people do battle to be the first to claim it?  Seriously – even rusty and old stuff!  Those were hauled off to a new home within an hour.

So I swept it all up, ignoring the giant crack in the patio which is going to be ignored this year and perhaps next year, too, until I can afford to redo the concrete.  (It adds character.  Or that’s what I’m choosing to believe.)  And then… furniture!

Big Lots has a pretty good selection of mix and match patio furniture, and I was able to find a new set that I liked for a decent price.  Four chairs, the table, umbrella, side table, and throw pillows were under $300.

And with new furniture, the patio is taking shape!

And with new furniture, the patio is taking shape!

I added a few little floral accents, too…


A plant stand from my old kitchen looks cute in the corner – I think I need a couple more plants!


A hanging pot in the corner with what I think are geraniums. And, a little yellow ranunculus to be planted in the ground.


And here’s the cute bicycle planter that was given to me last year.  I’m planning to spray paint it a bright color so it really pops on the patio!


And here’s the view from the grassy, shaded area just off the patio. A very kind person has offered to power wash the patio for me which should help clean up the concrete and make this area look nice and bright!  And I have a few little accents still to add – I’ll post pictures of those soon, as well.

Looking back on all the places I’ve lived, I believe this is my first-ever patio or deck.  I’ve never really had an outdoor living space like this, so I’m looking forward to making some great new memories with friends on the patio this year!

Happy spring!

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