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Home Sweet Home

Life is good outside my front door

Life is good. That’s not only what it says on my front door, but also how I feel when I pull into the driveway now and see the cute little shade garden that my mom and I planted on Mother’s Day weekend.

This little garden area has needed attention since I moved into the condo last year on July 2. There was a random mix of oddly placed plants, including some unkempt ivy, a smattering of daffodils, some chives, and two tulips. My front entry was sporting some sad feng shui.

shade garden before picture

My mom’s a great gardener. She has a real eye for design, and I had a pretty clear idea of what plants I was interested in. At my last home (pre-divorce), I had deep, curving beds filled with perennials, and the north-facing bed was dedicated to shade plants. My favorites there were a fern, some hosta varieties, and a groundcover called bugleweed (or ajuga). I knew I wanted to mix in those faves into this new shade bed, and my mom encouraged me to add some annuals for color, including impatiens and coleus. Plus, she helped me pick out a couple of eye-catching pots, and we laid everything out so there would be clusters of different plants as well as some tall focal points. Here’s how it looked before we started digging – everything just sitting in its place waiting to be planted.  We laid everything out in its proposed positions, then shifted it around until it seemed just right.

shade garden layout

Planting with two people makes it move soooo much faster!  It took us maybe an hour to have everything settled into the ground.  My mom planted the big green pot (which was a steal – we found it for $30 at Home Goods!).  She has a knack with containers that I just don’t have.  The white pot of begonias was a bargain for $5 at Menard’s.  In fact, the entire project including two ceramic pots, the hanging basket, perennials, annuals, stepping stone, trowel, and potting soil was less than $150. Not bad!

shade garden after planting

And totally worth it when I look at the new, cheerful view from my front door.

bicycle doormat at my front door

Many thanks to my sweet and generous girlfriends who surprised me with the bicycle doormat and front door sign!  Home, sweet home!

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  1. Danielle

    Looks nice! I have such a brown thumb that plants fire just from me walking in the room, lol. Maybe you can give new done advice some time.

    • midlifebeauty

      Hi Danielle. Thanks for coming by. I used to have a brown thumb too, but over the years, I am learning. If you ever have questions just let me know. I’ll stop by your blog and visit! ~Stephanie

  2. Stephanie of Stephlin's Mountain

    Nice! And as the plants grow, so will the beauty.

    • midlifebeauty

      Thanks! I can’t wait to see them grow… Perennials take a few years but it’ll be worth the wait. Thank you for stopping by!

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