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What’s Blooming Now

It’s a cool, shady morning on the patio, and lots of things are in bloom here – the perfect spot for drinking my coffee – and I thought I’d share some flower photos with you.

When mom was here in early May, we planted some flowers together over Mother’s Day weekend.  Mom planted a big pot of zinnias and coleus right by my front steps, and they are going gangbusters now!  A few weeks ago, the zinnias didn’t seem to be growing very vigorously, and mom told me to start watering more frequently.  That did the trick – it was like hitting the “on” switch, and they started to spring up right away.  I love having this healthy pot of color as a greeting at the front door.

Impatiens and coleus

There is a big rose of sharon by my patio, and this week it started to bloom. It’s gorgeous!  The bees love it, and since there are so many blossoms to keep them busy, they have no interest in bothering me while I sit here and watch them enjoy it.

White rose of sharon with hot pink center

There have been great sales on flowers over the past few weeks, and I found this pot of yellow zinnias at Walmart for about $6. they are adding color on the shepherd’s hook at the edge of the patio.

Potted yellow zinnias

And these big, multi-color zinnias were $4 at Walmart, as well:

Multi-color zinnias

And last but not least, a pot of wave petunias in red, white, and blue-ish.  (Ok, they’re really purple, but in the picture they look pretty blue, and that’s the idea, right?)  I have never had great luck with petunias, but someone told me recently that they secret is to keep pinching them to keep them blooming and to prevent that straggly, leggy look.

Wave petunias in red, white, and blue

What’s blooming at your place right now ? I’d love it if you’d join me on Facebook and share some pics of your own garden!

Enjoy your day!

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