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Picture of fresh tomato salad

Time for some healthy eating

Dating is fattening, but not this fresh tomato salad!  Mike and I have been going out for nice dinners and watching movies on the couch all winter.  Time to get back to healthier eating and more outdoor fun.  Today’s homemade tomato salad had fresh chunks of Roma tomatoes, Kalamata olives, thinly sliced celery, and black beans, topped with sunflower seeds and my favorite balsamic vinegar. (It’s Alessi’s 20-year-old balsamic; sweet and tangy.)  Good lunch.  

My 2015 “Wanna Do” list

I think I have my own little biking bucket list. My boyfriend Mike and I have fun checking out new places and new things to do together.  Often I’ll say to him, “Wanna go with me to XYZ?” and he’ll reply, “Wanna!”  Like everyone else in Ohio, we’ve been waiting (not so patiently!) for spring to get sprung so we can go run around and have some fun. Here’s my “wanna do” bucket list for…

My journey of 1,000 miles

Biking Back in the Day I grew up biking in a tiny town in the country, back in the days when kids were allowed to explore the outdoors without supervision, helmets, or GPS trackers.  During summer vacation, I spent many hours either swimming or riding my bike. My bike was not exercise back then - it was a combination of joy and transportation. It got me out of town onto the curvy, hilly roads with…
Life After Divorce

Now what?

I think in pictures - photos, graphics, colors.  When I think about my life as a whole, it looks something like this: As it is with most people, the early part of my life has been has been crammed full of the things one does to create a future and write my own story: education, work, career development, marriage, having kids (epic fail).  I suppose that in my mind’s eye the post divorce period looks…
Life After Divorce

It’s a Vanity Project

Early last fall, I went out on a date with a guy who enjoyed writing. He had a blog, he said. I asked for the link.  "I'm warning you," he told me. "It's a vanity project." Aren't they all?  Blogs, I mean.  In one way or another, they're all vanity projects.  And, so is this one. This is my third blog.  The others were short-lived because both times I arrived at the same conclusion: I…