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My makeup collection

It’s not hoarding if it’s makeup.

For some women it’s shoes – for me, it’s makeup.

Actually, for a lot of women, it’s makeup.  There’s a minor universe of women out there on the web for whom makeup is their self-indulgence, more of a hobby than a product.  I suppose that’s true for me as well.  It’s a fairly affordable creative outlet which gives you a few minutes of “me time” each morning to play with color and texture and shine.

And then, of course, there’s the added benefit of how it makes you look and feel.  Pre makeup, I look a bit like a blotchy, sleepy, perhaps slightly feral woman.  Post makeup, I feel polished, brighter, and ready for the day.

There’s lots you can learn about skincare, makeup, tools, and application techniques from the ladies of the web who post their tutorials and reviews, and I’ve learned a wealth of tips and tricks from them over the years.  Below you’ll find a short list of the ladies (and a gent) whose videos and blogs I enjoy most.  If you’re new to cosmetics obsession, I recommend checking them out. And you’ll find makeup and skin care reviews here on my site, too – check out the links below.

Remember when you were a teenager and wanted to look like the models in the magazines? When I felt down on myself, my mom would remind me that I had lots of pretty features which other women would covet, as well – like the natural reddish tone in my hair or my plump lips.  At that age, for me, beauty was about wanting what everyone else had.  At midlife, I’ve learned how to use brushes and where to place color to create certain effects and to make the most of my own special features – which is what my mom was trying to tell me all along.  Makeup can help you appreciate the best in you.

I hope you’ll enjoy the links and resources below, and if you find something useful here, or have a great tip to share, please take time to comment and let me know!



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