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Twenty Shades of Baked makeup palette
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A breakthrough with baked powder eye shadows

In September I shared with you how much I hate baked powder cosmetic products.  I’m always seduced by their in-palette beauty, and yet their color payoff always disappoints.  Then recently, that changed - I had a breakthrough with baked powder eye shadows. Over the years I’ve bought, then returned or given away, many baked eye shadow products. The one I kept, despite what I considered lackluster performance, was the 20 Shades of Baked palette by…
Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stains
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Best drug store makeup products: Jordana Cosmetics

I love high-end cosmetics.  Brands like Benefit, Too Faced, and Urban Decay make me swoon! But, there are some smokin' deals to be had at the drug store, and today I wanted to shine a light on one brand in particular: Jordana. Never heard of Jordana? I'm not surprised.  I hadn't either, until a YouTube beauty blogger mentioned it in one of her videos and I went racing over to Walgreen's to see what the fuss was…
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Beauty review: primer products – eyes, lips, face, and Ultimate Ozone

I love makeup - so why am I nonplussed by the entire “primers” category? Is it just me, or is the word “primer” a bit off-putting when it comes to cosmetics?  The concept is clear - just like with wall paint, makeup primers prepare the surface and make stuff stick.  With walls, I love that concept, but for makeup, it somehow doesn’t connect with me. I’m a believer in eyeshadow primer, for sure.  It’s quick…
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Beauty Review: Wet N Wild Lipsticks

I'm going to keep this short and sweet: if you like having an outrageous choice of lipsticks in your collection, get to know Wet N Wild.  I got turned on to Wet N Wild lipsticks about a year ago by a YouTuber named Angie - her channel is called Hot & Flashy.  Angie does really thorough product tests and gives good recommendations, and last year she test drove a variety of high- and low-end lipsticks…
Natural Eyes palette by Too Faced
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Product Review: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette (original, not matte)

In mid March, one of my very favorite YouTubers, Emily Eddington, reviewed various palettes including this one: the new matte Natural Eyes palette by Too Faced.  During her review she compared it to the original Natural Eyes palette (same colors, but with shimmery finishes rather than matte), and it caught my attention, so I picked it up at Ulta over the weekend. I’m a sucker for high-end eye shadow palettes, but I never noticed this…
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Smashbox Double Exposure video

Thumbs up to Smashbox!  They created an interactive video marketing campaign to get their fans involved in promoting their new Smashbox Double Exposure 2 palette.  The campaign allowed users to create an altered “double exposure” image of themselves simply by uploading a photo.  Then the photo submissions were used to make a video which was projected above the city streets in LA. I got an email from Smashbox today with links to the new Double…
Picture of eye shadow palettes
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Eye shadow addiction: high end vs. drug store eye shadows

Beauty products fascinate me, and especially eye shadows. I have a particular affinity (read: addiction) for eye shadows because there’s such a wide selection of colors and shimmers.  Over the past few years I have really started to appreciate certain characteristics of eye shadows.  My favorites meet these three criteria: So finely milled that they almost feel creamy Highly pigmented. If you’re new to cosmetics addiction, this basically means that they are loaded with color.…