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being single

Life After Divorce

A vacation by myself (and to myself)

The commitment I make to my hobbies and interests is pretty lackadaisical, and I like it that way. To me, hobbies and interests shouldn’t involve commitment, goals, or any aspiration of achievement. I read a great piece recently by author Elizabeth Gilbert on the difference between a career, a job, a hobby, and a vocation. (Interestingly, what led me to read it was that I thought it said “vacation,” and was going to be about…
Life After Divorce

Part 3: Top 15 things I’ve learned about dating at midlife

(Note: This is the conclusion of a 3-part series.  Read the series from the beginning here: dating in midlife.) 11. Awkward is ok.  First dates and blind dates are awkward. It’s just a fact, and there’s no reason to dance around it.  Acknowledging it can lead to some funny moments and can be a terrific ice breaker.  On my first date with my boyfriend Mike, I arrived at the table really needing to run to…
Life After Divorce

Part 1: Top 15 things I’ve learned about dating at midlife

(Note: This is part 1 of a three-part series.) Many of my girlfriends are happily married, but a few are in some stage of divorce.  One or two of them have recently started thinking about what the world of single men holds in store for them.  It wasn’t so long ago I was dipping my own toe into that pond for the first time, so I thought I’d jot out my thoughts and best advice…