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The Beauty of Midlife
Life After Divorce

A year of firsts and lasts

Election season is finally over.  The nation is either celebrating or grieving the selection of a new president, and I've just put a big project to rest: for the past few months, I've been volunteering my time as the co-chair of a local levy campaign.  The levy would have funded road repairs and improvements in my town - but it didn't pass.  City officials heard much public input over the type of levy they put…
Positive Living

Beginning again… and again

Meditation can be frustrating for newbies.  Often that frustration stems from expecting to quietly and peacefully meditate for an hour at one’s first sitting - it’s an unrealistic expectation.  When we teach others a new skill, we offer compassion and patience.  We encourage the idea that it takes time to master a new skill, and that with practice that new skill will grow and develop.  Why is it we can offer that compassion and patience…
Life After Divorce

It’s a Vanity Project

Early last fall, I went out on a date with a guy who enjoyed writing. He had a blog, he said. I asked for the link.  "I'm warning you," he told me. "It's a vanity project." Aren't they all?  Blogs, I mean.  In one way or another, they're all vanity projects.  And, so is this one. This is my third blog.  The others were short-lived because both times I arrived at the same conclusion: I…