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Fitness tracking: watching the changes add up

As mentioned a few weeks ago, last year during my divorce I started biking, and I ended up riding 1,000 miles between April and December 2014.  During that journey I did lose some weight, but most of the really BIG changes I noticed weren't external - they were internal. They were things like improved cardiovascular fitness, better muscle tone in my legs, overall confidence about life in general as well as my bike handling skills,…
Picture of fresh tomato salad

Time for some healthy eating

Dating is fattening, but not this fresh tomato salad!  Mike and I have been going out for nice dinners and watching movies on the couch all winter.  Time to get back to healthier eating and more outdoor fun.  Today’s homemade tomato salad had fresh chunks of Roma tomatoes, Kalamata olives, thinly sliced celery, and black beans, topped with sunflower seeds and my favorite balsamic vinegar. (It’s Alessi’s 20-year-old balsamic; sweet and tangy.)  Good lunch.