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Personal goals for 2017… year-end goal update

I blogged very little this year.  I'll state the obvious, which is just as true for YOU as it is for me, I'm sure: this year has been so busy.  It zipped by and brought an abundance of change, similar to most years. But 2017 was unique for me in one big way: this year, I drove some of that change myself. I was proactive. I wrote some goals for 2017 to be sure that…
Positive Living

2017 goals… looking ahead to a good year

According to "The Internet" and practically everyone I know, 2016 sucked.  And I can't say I disagree... I think we're all hoping for a better year ahead. Recently I was listening to a podcast by Dave Ramsey, and he was talking about how to plan your financial future. Dave's life is dedicated to teaching people how to find financial peace and personal wealth, and his method is very simple: give every dollar an assignment.  Don't…