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gonna eat that

Recipe reviews and tried and true recipes from my kitchen

Gonna Eat That: Black bean and jalapeno soup

I came home from work tonight, tired and hungry, and there was nothing premade in my fridge.  So, on the verge of blowing $20 and calling for pizza delivery, I decided to throw a bunch of stuff in a soup pot and see if I could scare up anything edible.  The result turned out to be deeee-licious.  If you like black bean soup, give this version a try! By the way, I'm not posting a…
Pecan pound cake

Gonna Eat That: Pecan Poundcake

Oh. Em. Gee.  You have to try this recipe for Pecan Pound Cake from   It's everything that a cake should be - moist, sweet, and delicious.  I omitted the butter flavored extract simply because I didn't have any, but it was amazing anyway.  I shared this cake with several friends, all of whom were as excited about it as I was. My girlfriend Ginny's husband loved it so much that he asked if…
Mashed avocado on a rice cake

Gonna Eat That (While Blogging): Mashed Avocado Spread

Maybe it's because I was starving, but this tastes soooooo good.  This is what I'm eating while working on the blog today.  It's a ripe avocado seasoned with some garlic powder, garam masala, and kosher salt. Mush it all up and spread it on a couple of rice cakes. Gluten-free, healthy fat, crunchy goodness. This will not be my last go-round with this particular treat. Yum!

Gonna eat that: homemade chicken marsala

  Just a quick note to say DAMN, that was a good dinner last night! This recipe earned a spot of honor in the blue binder where I keep only tried-and-true favorites. (Note to self: I should tell you about that binder sometime.) This one is quick, delicious, and has just a few ingredients. I will make this again as a weeknight dinner for sure, but you could totally serve it to company as well.…

Squash season

It's fall here in Ohio!  I think this morning was our first frost, but it's been getting gradually chillier all week.  Mike makes me laugh - he marks the passing of the seasons by the change from outdoor foods (grilling) to indoor foods.  In other words, I've been cooking more.  My favorite thing to make is homemade soup, and we've had plenty of that lately as well as some chili. This week we enjoyed squash…

Gonna eat that: easy dinner with coconut curry sauce

Tonight's dinner was the bomb.  With the elimination diet I've been on for the past few weeks, my food choices have been limited - and a bit bland.  I've been craving Indian food but much of it contains dairy.  So tonight I tried something new to spice up a plain dinner of grilled sausage, jasmine rice, and green beans... a coconut curry sauce recipe from Real Simple that took about 10 minutes from start to…

Gonna eat that: 10 things to do with hummus

Yesterday was a 14+ hour work day with lots of time spent running around and moving heavy stuff.  (We had a fundraiser at work.  It was a boatload of work but also a boatload of fun.)  Maybe I depleted my salt and electrolytes, because I woke up this morning hungry for a batch of fresh, homemade hummus that is extra tart and extra salty.  I'm sitting here now noshing on it with my morning coffee,…
braised cabbage with kielbasa

Braised cabbage with kielbasa and apples

What to do with a half a head of leftover cabbage? Hmmm. Chef Google recommended braising. And, who knew? It's delicious! Here's my version... Braised Cabbage with Kielbasa and Apples You'll need: 2 Tbsp butter 1 c water ½ head of green cabbage, chopped 1-2 apples, diced ½ to 1 ring of kielbasa, halved lengthwise then sliced into 3/8” slices kosher salt Do this: In a large skillet, heat butter over medium high. Add cabbage…

Killer Griller

Mike and I have started calling ourselves, “The Dynamic Duo of Dinner.”  Mike is a total bad-ass with a gas grill, and we’ve been having a good time cooking together.  Our latest favorite is these grilled veggies. The first night we made them, it was a delicious mix of green pepper, onion, and zucchini.  I chopped everything into large pieces (the zukes were probably ¾”-1” chunks, and everything else was similarly chunky), then placed them…