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home sweet home

My Budget Kitchen Makeover
Home Sweet Home

Kitchen update: new tile backsplash and more

  Hello, all!  Today I'm sharing with you some long-overdue pictures of a DIY budget kitchen makeover that I finished earlier this year.  If you recall, my condo needed LOTS of cosmetic help when I bought it (over two years ago now!).  In addition to being the Crayola Condo (it seemed as if it had 64 different paint colors), it was also very dated.  Updates are happening little by little as the time, energy, and…
Life is Good
Home Sweet Home

Life is good outside my front door

Life is good. That's not only what it says on my front door, but also how I feel when I pull into the driveway now and see the cute little shade garden that my mom and I planted on Mother's Day weekend. This little garden area has needed attention since I moved into the condo last year on July 2. There was a random mix of oddly placed plants, including some unkempt ivy, a smattering…
Home Sweet Home

Patio Project

Ok, so, after a long dry spell, let's try to get back to normal life here, shall we? It's finally springtime in Ohio!  And my new place has a patio, which until recently looked like this. When I moved in last summer, working on this patio was the least of my worries.  (Remember there was a crazy long list of indoor projects that needed to be tackled!)  So I used it a couple of times…
Home Sweet Home

A little less before, a little more after

Yet another project is accomplished at my new home.  The previously blue bathroom is newly painted.  It was a pretty blue, actually - reminded me of the colors of the chicory flowers that bloom along the side of the road in July, usually running parallel to the edge of a cornfield in the scrabble-stones along the edge of the asphalt.  But the blue didn’t match anything I own, and it looked a little shabby somehow…
Home Sweet Home

Saying goodbye to the Pepto-vinyl bedroom

It's been 3 months now since I moved into my new home, and the list of projects I wanted to tackle is slowly but surely getting done.  I've been keeping a little list in Evernote of work that's getting accomplished - I love watching things get moved from the "to do" list to "done."  Here's what's on the "done" list now: Replaced a window in the living room that had a broken seal Paint dining…
Home Sweet Home

A week from heaven (and hell)

So, it's Tuesday evening.  Let me tell you about what the last week has held. For starters, last Thursday morning, I closed on the condo!  It's all mine, and that feeling of being a homeowner and putting down roots after a year in a rental home is - well, heavenly.  I feel very grateful to be in the position to buy a home at all, let alone one that's so cute and adorable and totally,…