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Obsessed with Ombre Nails

I've always been fairly traditional with my nails - no blue/green polishes, all nails the same color, and no fancy nail art designs.  I always love nail art on other people, but on me? Not so much.  That all seems to be changing lately, as I'm finding myself drawn to more interesting designs and bolder colors.  And this OPI ombre nail look, Cherry Bomb Ombre, has pushed me right off the boring nails bandwagon. Is…
Home Sweet Home

My makeovers are wrecking my manicures

I've been less than attentive to my blog for the past month.  Let’s recap the occurrences of this last month, shall we?  July 2, I bought a house. (Well, a condo, if you’re a stickler about these things.)  July 3 the DIY projects began.  July 4 - more DIY, plus a bad case of the African death flu or some other horrible virus that laid me flat and caused me to miss FIVE consecutive days…