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Sedona Lace

Twenty Shades of Baked makeup palette
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A breakthrough with baked powder eye shadows

In September I shared with you how much I hate baked powder cosmetic products.  I’m always seduced by their in-palette beauty, and yet their color payoff always disappoints.  Then recently, that changed - I had a breakthrough with baked powder eye shadows. Over the years I’ve bought, then returned or given away, many baked eye shadow products. The one I kept, despite what I considered lackluster performance, was the 20 Shades of Baked palette by…
Beauty Products & Reviews

How to (and how often to) clean your makeup brushes

I never thought I would learn something from Buzzfeed. But according to this article, I really need to wash my makeup brushes more often.  Buzzfeed’s professional medical opinion (?) is that I should be washing them daily. That seems like a little much, no?  A bit of overkill there?  Nevertheless, they have a point… I should be doing it more often. After much research and detailed clinical study (i.e. Googling) about the best method for…