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Life After Divorce

A vacation by myself (and to myself)

The commitment I make to my hobbies and interests is pretty lackadaisical, and I like it that way. To me, hobbies and interests shouldn’t involve commitment, goals, or any aspiration of achievement. I read a great piece recently by author Elizabeth Gilbert on the difference between a career, a job, a hobby, and a vocation. (Interestingly, what led me to read it was that I thought it said “vacation,” and was going to be about…
Life After Divorce

Back from vacation!

Crickets have been chirping around here because I was away on a much-needed vacation. Mike and I went east to Philly, Baltimore, and DC. What a great week!  Of all the things we did, what I enjoyed most was our visit to Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  It's just awe-inspiring to stand in the room where our nation was dreamed up, discussed, debated, and ultimately declared to be. This trip was the best vacation I've had…